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Are you looking for ways to support Next Generation Science assessment in your classroom?

Do you need to prepare students for state science tests?

Do you want to spend less time grading student assessments so you can plan next steps?

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Next Generation Science Standards

ONPAR digital classroom assessments are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school. They challenge students to think deeply about science ideas while engaging in science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts. The assessments offer automatic scoring and reporting for teachers and students to help inform next steps and drive learning.

AVAILABLE IN YOUR IQWST PORTAL through Activate Learning!

Getting Started

Teachers, get started today in three easy steps:

  1. Login to your IQWST or Activate Learning account, scroll to the bottom, and click ONPAR. Go to the units and tasks page to preview available tasks.
  2. On the classroom page, activate tasks that match what your students are learning. Plan for an assessment day by reading the teacher guide, watching the training video, and previewing the task.
  3. On assessment day, show the student directions video and preview the task on a whiteboard before letting students work independently. Each task takes 20–40 minutes for students to complete.

Additional Resources

Teacher Portal

Watch the video to tour the ONPAR Teacher Portal.

The portal has support for using each task.

Preview tasks yourself before giving them to your students.

Teacher Guides give background on standards assessed, discussion questions, scoring information, and academic language materials to support vocabulary development, conversation, and writing.

Training videos give a quick overview of standards and show how to interact with questions.


Watch the mentor video to hear how other teachers have used ONPAR successfully in their classrooms