About ONPAR Mathematics Tasks – Elementary and Middle

What is ONPAR?

The ONPAR approach to assessment design makes use of dynamic, multi-semiotic representations and carefully constructed stimuli and response spaces to minimize construct-irrelevant text while still targeting cognitively complex content and skills.


A mathematics study, funded in 2007 through a U.S. Department of Education Enhanced Assessment Grant, investigated how learning disabled and native English speaking struggling readers in Grades 4 and 7 performed on ONPAR mathematics items as compared to a traditional test measuring the same content.

Work was subcontracted to WIDA and the Center for Applied Linguistics. The project was led by Rebecca Kopriva, PI, and a core team comprised of Jim Bauman, Cathy Cameron, David Gabel, Katharine Merow, Rafael Michelena, Jorge Murillo, Alex Simmons, and Laura Wright, with support and assistance from many other staff.